I’ve just release a new original song called Love Tragedy. It’s a duet performed by Annie Quick of Holy Ghost Machine Gun and me. It was produced/engineered by Brian Forbes at The Gallery Recording Studio. It features Brian on guitar and Matt Hankle on drums.

Love Tragedy by Shanan Estreicher

The title comes from the last written words of Richard Wagner on the day he died. On February 13, 1883 Wagner wrote, “The process of emancipation of the female only takes place amid ecstatic convulsions. Love-Tragedy.” This was from an essay called On the Feminine within the Human. I instantly fell in love with the last two words of this quote and was moved to write a duet about the tragedy of romantic love.

I’m also so excited to have re-mastered four tracks from the last Brown Trousers album Fairly Well which was released nearly 10 years ago. Richard Morris did an amazing job breathing new life into these songs.

I'm just about to release my second single with singer Chris Pinnella called Can’t Go Home. Chris is an incredible performer who has just recently landed a gig touring with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  We recorded with producer/engineer Brian Forbes at the Gallery Recording Studio

Can't Go Home by Chris Pinnella

I’ve just started rehearsing Rise Up and Sing with the P.S. 127 Chorus. I wrote this inspirational song for my students as a gift. We’re in the process of raising money to pay for this project. I’ll be taking the kids to record the song at a major New York City recording studio while video director Annie Quick makes a short documentary of the process—from rehearsal to recording.

There’s a couple other exciting projects in the works as well. I’m finishing up a string orchestra piece called Fantasia on the Long Pilgrim. This work is based on the American hymn found in the The Southern Harmony Hymnal.  


on 2012-10-22 21:34 by Shanan

Kickstarter Success

In just two months my chorus students and I raised $4,087 with kickstarter to fund our Rise Up and Sing project. This week the chorus is going to record the vocal tracks at Avatar Recording Studios in NYC. The entire process, from rehearsal to recording is being filmed by director Annie Quick. She’s going to create a short documentary and music video. The singers are SO excited to sing at Avatar--especially since so many famous artists have recorded there. http://www.avatarstudios.net/aboutus/index.html


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We finally finished mixing Rise Up and Sing. With the help of Matt Hankle on drums and Brian Forbes on guitar and bass we have a beautiful song which really showcases the P.S. 127 Chorus. Brian is also the mastermind behind the mix. It was no easy task to mix a student chorus with a rock track.